We think much but do little. We like to have everything under control, it makes us feel powerful and gives a sense of security and calmness. We get a great sense of satisfaction when things goes according to plan, like fitting pieces of a puzzle In our daily life we have sat a set of actions […]

The things we do

To do: to perform, work and achieve. In a day, we do many things. we wake up, go to work, eat lunch and exercise. We think, talk, walk and mingle with people and socialize . Some things we do involuntarily and some on purpose, some things we do out of need and some things out […]

Odor, Scent and Aroma

We smell to eat. The sense of smell is one of the strongest and essential sense we have. From the moment we wake up we refresh ourselves by taking a shower and washing our teeth, we enjoy the smell of coffee and put on perfume to feel good, our moths water at the smell of […]


An empty space is great for filling   An empty life Empty is the absence of something either physically or mentally. A glass is half full and half empty at the same time, it is the way we look at is different. In our life, we look for what is missing rather than what is […]

What I see and What you see

Let the flame burn in your soul but avoid burning yourself.   The eye see, the brain think but the heart understands. Seeing  can be described in three steps. Light reflected from an object to your eyes which in turn is focused and stored as flipped images then the brain compile these images into moving […]


A complicated machine is designed with simple ideas   We yearn for a simple life in our fast paced days but we forget that we are the ones that are complicating it. Simple is subjective until you try it, what might be easy for you might be hard for another. A gymnastic will jump, twirl […]

Daily Prompt: Embarrassing

The worst of feelings is standing up in classroom and introducing yourself.   The unspoken words As social beings we put high regards on our social standards and social status. We care deeply on the opinion of others about ourselves. All societies develop and hone unspoken social laws and norms, they are derived from our heritage, […]