First Time for Everything


Being a kid is very hard, our lives were all about first time things; how to walk, how to talk, how to eat, how to poop…etc.

Taking the first steps was a struggle with so much trial and error. We all fell, we all cried and we all tried again until we succeeded. Our parents cheered us all the way. that wonderful feeling of taking the first step, it was so great and we were so proud…until it got mundane.

Why a baby go through all this trouble?

First, all babies imitate their mothers and on the first few months of their lives they observe and learn from their surroundings.

Second, they evaluate their skills and discover their bodies so they know if they are able to perform.

Third, they try, fail, cry and try again.

We grew up and forgot about taking first steps. We always added complications to our dreams and ordeals, be it confidence and self esteem, social complications, time, money and most of all fear of failure.

There is always this ghost floating around, reminding us of the horrible things that will happen and never happen. You either fear it and follow its instructions or embrace it and work with it. Alas, he is your voice of reason.

Taking a first step is not easy but also not hard and as the saying goes “practice makes perfect”. The more you do it the easier it becomes. So be a kid again and experience life like its your first time.


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