Lets Play

Laughter, fun, good time. This what gets to mind when we think about playing, however, there is more to it than fooling around.

Animals spend alot of their time playing with each other; jumping, fighting, chasing. It might look like fun and games but there is more to it than meets the eye. Its survival instinct.

In the wilds survival is the name of the game and preparation, coordination, seizing the opportunity and perseverance is what will get you through the day.

Humans, although not living in the wilds anymore and are not in danger of being eaten alive, still need these survival games to live in the modern world.

You see, your daily life is a struggle but your survival instinct tells you to live and play the game. You are a hunter you get up early in the morning like an early bird. You are a tamer and you tame your wild beast (your car) and ride (drive) it to work using your mastery of the wilds;

With Preparation; you check your beast to see; is it in one piece? does it make any funny sounds? does it smell?

Using the power of Coordination; driving the beast requires a delicate amount of eye – hand – feet coordination to go through the herd (other commuters).

At an instance you Seize the Opportunity; any missed jump and there goes your food for the day and driving through the herd is full of jumps and scares, one bad turn could cause an accident and one miscalculation could lose you your exit.

Finally you Persevere; if you don’t you cant survive and good luck doing it for the rest of your life.

Congratulation! you completed the first level, next level is dealing with your colleagues and boss or should I say the final boss and his minions!

In the end, anything can be fun if you put your mind to it so please go enjoy your life and always remember your never too old to play.


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