That Feel

That feel… when you are happy.

That feel… when you are sad.

That feel… when you are angry

That feel… when something goes bad.


Feelings are the results of chemical reactions inside our bodies; Endorphin, the chemical related to feeling happy and accomplished. Lack of Serotonin, linked to mood swings and depression. Feeling angry pumps a large dose of Adrenaline into your blood. The feeling of something bad going to happen, commonly named “Gut feeling” is linked to the bacteria living in your gut.

This is only a gross simplification of the reactions happening inside our bodies.

We might know what makes feelings work there is still a lot to learn on to why.

Falling in love or having “chemistry” between two people, may relate to the person looks, thoughts and status. However, it could change to hate, disgust or lose of interest.

People we meet everyday could be irritating or easy to talk to but some stay indifferent to us, all without knowing them previously.

We might feel energetic and outgoing when about to do something but reduce back to boredom almost immediately when we actually start doing it.

Alas, the eternal question, Do you follow your brain or your heart?

The brain is regulating the emotional reactions we experience everyday, it is also your logic center and your memory store. It is the rational thinker.

The heart is the one feeling these emotions, it aches, dances and drops.  It is the irrational thinker.

Both are working non stop and essential to your life.

Often times we are faced with life changing decisions and many times we fail to make the write choice.

We always tend to follow what our heart desires and ignore what the brain tells us. However, if we listen closely we will find that the brain is always saving a bigger desire for the heart, so please listen to your brain and follow your heart.

Stay positive and think until you are satisfied. I wish you happy feelings.





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