Rise, fall and reborn


We live we die and live again and die again.


Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (physiological > safety > love and belonging > esteem > self actualization) suggest that we need these five basic needs to be motivated.

In order to survive we need to breath, eat, move and reproduce.

In order to function we need to be safe, love and be loved and have an environment where we can achieve and be praised and respected

In order to live we need to self actualize and be aware by creating, thinking, solving and fulfilling our needs.

Motivation is what drives us to be humans, we thrive to build and evolve, without it we are alive without a meaning and instead of living we are dying slowly.

A lot of us live day by day without a purpose or a dream, we beat ourselves of the thought of changing something and are afraid of taking risks because we think it keeps us away from failure but we never think that failure is part of success.

We forget that we can stand after falling but its very hard to get up after sleeping for too long.

Every failure is a lesson learned, every obstacle is a chance to improve, every struggle is a challenge.

Every rise will weight us down  and its up to us to choose either we surrender and fall or accept and reborn stronger.

So please dust your clothes, lift your self, raise your head and be reborn again and tell me about it when you are down next time.





3 thoughts on “Rise, fall and reborn

  1. Well done Mohammed, please allow me to add one more thing, which is all these elements can achieved ones when do they meet in a specific time but we can not forget to mention the Believing, motivation crossing believing will get your dreams as what you have been wanting due the time.

    Good luck of reborn-ing again and again.


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