A Stroll in the park

Going for a stroll rolling, head high and teeth are showing.


I was strolling in the park one day, enjoying the trees, the sound of birds and the lovely breeze.  Then I saw a homeless man, his teeth has fallen, glasses broken and eyes are swollen.

I asked him what happened to you on this fine day, I can hardly imagine someone do something this ugly and be on his way. The homeless man put a smile and grinned: young man, I will tell you my story, it’s not a happy one but you have to agree to listen without interruption to the end.

I told him nothing can mess my mood instead your story is intriguing so please don’t delay go ahead. He told me he had so much money he could not count, big house, fancy cars and rare collectibles in limited amount.

I traveled around the world, ate the finest meals, my wife was always beautiful like she never grow old. My heart broke on the homeless man story, I wanted to comfort him and told: there, there old man, its hard losing all your money, life is tough and I am sorry.

I told you not to interrupt, the old man grumbled. I didn’t lose my money and I will fire my accountant if he ever fumbled. This was but a test to see your patience. You are just like the others you just jump to conclusions.

I wanted to give this bag which is full of money, you should kiss it goodbye but at least today you learned something new sonny.

I told him I learned a lot, thank you so much, you introduced something and took it away, I was better off not knowing and such, thank you again for ruining my day. Now tell me where to punch you and I will be on my way.



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