Daily Prompt: Embarrassing

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The worst of feelings is standing up in classroom and introducing yourself.


The unspoken words

As social beings we put high regards on our social standards and social status. We care deeply on the opinion of others about ourselves. All societies develop and hone unspoken social laws and norms, they are derived from our heritage, religion and background, they may also be foreign and new. We live by these laws and respect them and if  broken we develop feelings of embarrassment, shyness, shame and guilt. These emotions can both protect us or destroy us depending on their severity and situation.

The fear of embarrassment

How many times you were in a classroom and wanted to ask a question or participate in something but avoid raising your hands due to fear of being laughed at or avoid speaking in a meeting on the fear that everyone will look at you and how many times you change all your plans by not saying just a single word “no”. These are rational fears and can easily overcome them, however, if we do not contain them they may drastically change our life.

The Balance

Like many things in life the feeling of embarrassment is a balance of things it may lead to confidence or overconfidence, anxiety or serenity.

It is a strong feeling and comes in many flavors, it sometimes sweet like a gentle blush on your lovers cheeks, it sometimes a necessity to keep us in check like avoiding going on the streets naked. In many times it is a hindrance to our well being and progress.

Overcoming your embarrassment leads to a sense of pleasure and achievement. It is strong but can be weaken but should never be broken as it may lead you to shame and misery, it is a graceful emotion that needs to be dealt with care and delicacy.


So please, don’t worry, we all have been embarrassed once in our life so raise your hand and ask the question.




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