A complicated machine is designed with simple ideas


We yearn for a simple life in our fast paced days but we forget that we are the ones that are complicating it.

Simple is subjective until you try it, what might be easy for you might be hard for another. A gymnastic will jump, twirl and flip so elegantly and effortlessly, it looks so easy but behind it is a rigorous training program, strict diet and fixed mindset. It is not easy to become a professional but the steps are simple.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is released by the nerve cells in our brains. It produces a feeling of reward for achievements. We are hardwired to complete task to get the rewards but if the reward is far we should brake down the task to simpler steps that are easier to achieve. This will fuel us with will and energy to continue until the end.

The approach of any given problem should be broken down likewise:

  1. Carefully scrutinize your tasks and arrange and group the ones similar and faster that can be done immediately
  2. Define what is easy and difficult to do in each task.
  3. Set a time limit for every task and Organize your time accordingly
  4. Make a mental check list and remind yourself of it
  5. Allow time for rest and don’t panic

Most importantly, we should not be hard on our selves and give time for practice and repetition. Our mind needs to adjust and will unconsciously find the best and shortest way to complete a task.

So please, don’t be complicated. Make it simple and you can do it.



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