What I see and What you see

Let the flame burn in your soul but avoid burning yourself.

The eye see, the brain think but the heart understands.

Seeing  can be described in three steps. Light reflected from an object to your eyes which in turn is focused and stored as flipped images then the brain compile these images into moving frames that you can understand. This process takes time, although very miniscule, which means what we see is not the present but a calculated   guess into the future. Whatever we see is reflected by the heart. Like when you see your crush your heart beats races of tension, stops when she looks at you and skips a beat when she talks.

Seeing is believing

A witness can hold a mans life in what he saw, his testimony is proof and his words could save or end lives. Our eyes detect danger and avoid it, they calculate and predict outcomes and follow leads. Our whole life could be determined from a single look, love at first sight. Peace or dismay could fill your heart by just having a look at painting or a scene and a picture worth a thousend words. Our lives depend on seeing things, however, seeing things is not the same as perceiving them.

Looks are deceiving

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Our minds can play tricks on us, we may believe in something is bad to be good and we will see it as good. Fire is both beautiful and frightening at the same time, it depends if its warming you in a cold night or burning you alive. Seeing a happy couple could sadden a single heart, there is beuty in an old mans wrinkles and serenity could be seen in a desolate land. You can have an eye without a sight and you could be blind with an insight.

A beutiful mind

Our minds are the beacons of light that shine the road for us. The narrower the mind the darker life gets. Knowledge feeds the mind words that translate into visions, the more words we know the better the picture we can draw. A writer will see a tree and write about its seemingly infinite branches and how they relate to the interlinked bonds of human lives or write about its roots and how they resemble strong foundation. A painter will see a tree and paint its sturdy trunk and dancing green leaves. A carpenter will see a tree and build doors and houses. There are millions of ways and angles to see a tree from, how we choose to see it is what matters.

Your eye sight is but a door to your mind insight. So please, feed your mind, love your life and start seeing again

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