An empty space is great for filling


An empty life

Empty is the absence of something either physically or mentally. A glass is half full and half empty at the same time, it is the way we look at is different. In our life, we look for what is missing rather than what is there. We look for means to excuse ourselves for not having rather than working for having. Life is full of opportunities, it is up to us to work on them.

An empty mind

A mind is the conscience, the internal voice and definition of you. It can be filled and it can be emptied. An occupied mind is engaged with thought but too much thought will lead to overthinking and stress. On the other hand, an empty mind is serene and relaxed but too much relaxed will lead to boredom and recklessness. A mind is a hungry thing, it hungers for thoughts and ideas but just like bad food poison the body, bad thoughts poison the mind.

An empty soul

A soul is what makes us alive, it is unseen and  not felt. If full we feel more alive and if empty we feel dead inside. Just like the mind, it hungers and requires feeding but where the mind feeds on thought, the soul feeds on desire, purpose and emotions. It has a delicate flame burning inside of it that provides warmth and serenity. The more the soul is fed the more the flame burned but as with the nature of things, if fed too much it will burn out and extinguish.


Emptiness is a terrible thing to have, we live in an age where life is full of things but we grow empty and detach from it. So please, open your mind, open your soul, empty your trash and fill your life.





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