Odor, Scent and Aroma


We smell to eat.

The sense of smell is one of the strongest and essential sense we have.

From the moment we wake up we refresh ourselves by taking a shower and washing our teeth, we enjoy the smell of coffee and put on perfume to feel good, our moths water at the smell of food and we become alerted when something smells off.

We are constantly smelling things and cant switch it off.

Part of this is due to our brain filtering out odors to what matter to us. Odors have a strong connection to memory either good or bad, it can trigger deep memories and invoke strong emotions such as when you smell your mothers cooking and remember your childhood or when you smell the scent of a lost loved one in his or hers old clothes.

Another reason is self preservation. Air is full of odors and our brain is not giving attention to them until something smells off. This triggers danger response in order to act, like smelly urine or rotten food or smelling something burning.

We smell without smelling

We often relate things in our daily life to smell even tho they don’t have any apparent correlation. When you see someone you hate or don’t trust he smells fishy, we relate vague things to smelling rotten and when a person is down he or she fumes with smell of defeat and successful people has the smell of success.

Like flowers bloom and bees follow to make honey, you also follow your nose to the smell of success.

So please, enjoy a cup of coffee.

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