The things we do

To do: to perform, work and achieve.

In a day, we do many things. we wake up, go to work, eat lunch and exercise. We think, talk, walk and mingle with people and socialize .

Some things we do involuntarily and some on purpose, some things we do out of need and some things out of pleasure.

Doing might be hard or easy, it might take you somewhere or it might take you nowhere. What we choose to do is what we will end up to be.

We do some things once, some daily and some others occasionally or rarely.  Some we do with love and passion, some with hate and disgust and most of others we do out of boredom and necessity.

Life have so many things waiting to be done. So start doing more

Do the things you like to do. Whether it is  hard or easy, do them with purpose and a plan.

Do with passion and do with love, good things will come so look forward to them.

So what will you do?

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