We think much but do little.

We like to have everything under control, it makes us feel powerful and gives a sense of security and calmness. We get a great sense of satisfaction when things goes according to plan, like fitting pieces of a puzzle

In our daily life we have sat a set of actions and rules that govern our actions and reactions. We fear change and avoid it by any cost, we prefer to live in a routine doing the same thing everyday and not to expect much or little just what we sat our mind at. We feel like we want to change something but uncertain to what. We have the means of change but uncertain to how.

Uncertainty is like a dark room, you either open the light and see what is in it or avoid it.

We don’t like to fail, however, we fail to see the success in failure. If all our actions are predetermined and if we only follow a certain path then it is difficult to change. Uncertainty is not a bad thing, it is a rational behavior. It needs careful planning and risk management, if it become a failure then you have an experience and lessons learned. Eventually the uncertain becomes certain, either in the positive sense or the negative.

Plan for the unknown, if it is too dark, bring a light and if you find nothing keep searching.


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