Time is only there when we notice it.   Albert Einstein has changed the way we think about time when he introduced his theory of relativity. He stated that time is not a constant but variable and depending on the way we perceive it we get different results. A very famous example of this theory is the […]

A Stroll in the park

Going for a stroll rolling, head high and teeth are showing.   I was strolling in the park one day, enjoying the trees, the sound of birds and the lovely breeze.  Then I saw a homeless man, his teeth has fallen, glasses broken and eyes are swollen. I asked him what happened to you on […]

Rise, fall and reborn

We live we die and live again and die again.   Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (physiological > safety > love and belonging > esteem > self actualization) suggest that we need these five basic needs to be motivated. In order to survive we need to breath, eat, move and reproduce. In order to function we […]

That Feel

That feel… when you are happy. That feel… when you are sad. That feel… when you are angry That feel… when something goes bad.   Feelings are the results of chemical reactions inside our bodies; Endorphin, the chemical related to feeling happy and accomplished. Lack of Serotonin, linked to mood swings and depression. Feeling angry […]

Lets Play

Laughter, fun, good time. This what gets to mind when we think about playing, however, there is more to it than fooling around. Animals spend alot of their time playing with each other; jumping, fighting, chasing. It might look like fun and games but there is more to it than meets the eye. Its survival […]

First Time for Everything

  Being a kid is very hard, our lives were all about first time things; how to walk, how to talk, how to eat, how to poop…etc. Taking the first steps was a struggle with so much trial and error. We all fell, we all cried and we all tried again until we succeeded. Our […]